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The preference for Springwel Mattress the Celeb Series has to be an experience, a touch, a sense, and an overall feel of what extra springwel offer in the luxury segment. The Springwel Celeb Series has been inspired by the American Brand Tempur. So it provides a similar feel as Tempur but at an affordable price. Springwel is not only the market leader in spring mattresses in India but also a benchmark in the highest level of sleeping comfort. Designed and created scientifically in a state-of-the-art plant on fully computerized machines imported from SPUHL from Switzerland, Springwel Mattress offer a rich and varied choice. Theses are created from the best quality materials, perfected with finer details and delivered after stringent quality check. Springwel mattress brand represents originality, the power to perform and assurance of the best services.

Being one of the leading mattress brands in India Springwel provides only high in quality mattresses and variety of models including Memory Foam, Spring, Natural Latex, Hr Foam etc.

We have been dealing in luxury mattress brand of Springwel at our Branded Mattress Store- `R.K. Foam Traders` for over 23 years now.

So we have been witnessed this company becoming one of the major players of Mattresses in India and we believe we have played our fair share of part in it.

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