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Enriched with unparalled benefits, CELEB ROYAL has all the features of CELEB mattress with added benefit of pressure-relieving memory foam. It works as per individual body temperature and support each part of your body. The top memory foam layer eliminates pressure points while CELEB layer helps in balancing comfort & support, eventually reducing tossing & turning. The CELEB ROYAL mattress is temperature sensitive due to its top layer of memory foam. Designed with latest technology, this mattress combines exclusive upholstery made of stretchable knitted fabric for soft and cozy feel. Its 'Cool Touch' surface is treated with anti-allergic formula for superior comfort , pressure relief and perfect body support.

If you are searching for a perfect body support and pressure relief mattress, buy Royal CELEB mattress online. It completely supports your body and provides you a perfect sleep solution.It conforms to your body's shape for luxurious comfort and orthopedic support.


Springwel Celeb Royal Luxury Mattress

₹65,870.00 Regular Price
₹46,109.00Sale Price
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