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Started in the year 1977 Coirfoam (India) Private Limited launched the brand Corfom the most trusted name in sleep products today.

 Corfom source the latest technology and innovations from across the globe to provide Indian consumers the products that were hitherto unheard of or very scarce. With the advent of 21st century Coirfoam introduced the world class Spring mattresses and Spring beds for the discerning Indian customer in technical collaboration with ‘I-Cam’ of Italy. With a clear focus to provide better sleeping experience we introduced ‘Orthopaedic’ and ‘Healthline’ series of mattresses, being one of the first companies to work towards healthy sleep.

Today Corfom operate 4 plants across the country and offer their customers a vast range of quality sleep products be it mattresses, Pillows, Cushions, Beds and more. Healthy Sleep is a top priority at Coirfoam. Because we believe – if you sleep peacefully, you live more.

We have been dealing in luxury mattress brand of Corfom at our Branded Mattress Store- `R.K. Foam Traders` for over 20 years now.

So we have seen this company grow and their ever increasing variety of mattress including Coir , memory foam, spring, rebonded etc.

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