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Sofa Manufacturing

A sofa in your living room is something you don`t change in a long time. So you would want to invest your time and hard earned money on something that you know would long last and provide the amazing aesthetic value to your home. 

We at R.K. Foam Traders have multiple teams of Sofa Manfacturers that will make your sofa from scratch for you. You will be part of the whole process - from the quality and strength of wood being used to quality of inside material being used, to the kind of cloth that is being put on your SofaSet.

We have multiple design option to choose from but if you have something in mind already you let us know and we will get it designed and made for you.

The rate that is charged per seat is very reasonable and is told to the customer after our Sofa manufacturer will have a visit with you and discuss what your requirements are.

So to know more and get your self a beautifl sofaset please fill the form below or contact us at any of our contact nos.

To get your Sofa Manufactured or to know more about it Fill the form below or contact us.

Sofa Repair

We understand you don`t want to part ways with your old sofa set. Maybe you are just changing the color scheme of your living room or just want to get something fixed in your old sofa. 

We`ll do that for you as well. We have team for Sofa Repairs as well who can guide you well on how they can fix it and what will be required to do so.

We provide the best quality branded materials to our workmen so you don`t worry about the quality.

Just contact us and We`ll set up a meeting with our team.

To get your Old Sofa Repaired or to know more about it Fill the form below or contact us.

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