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About The Product

Springwel Gloria-bonded Elite range of Bonded foam mattresses are the culmination of years of research and development. These are made of supper-dense bonded polyurethane foam that prevents sagging and provides maximum comfort, orthopedically correct firm support & durability. These mattresses are the perfect choice for the consumer with an inclination towards health.

Some of the key features of a Springwel Gloria-bonded Elite Mattress are:

Thickness: 5"

Comes with High quality Memory Foam Top Layer

High quality Thick Layer HR Foam used

High Density chip bonded block Used for Provide Orthopedically correct support

Outer Shell Covered with Luxurious Knitted Fabric

Medium Comfort Level.

Springwel Gloria Elite Memory Foam Mattress

SKU: spwlrkft0005
₹16,417.00 Regular Price
₹13,133.60Sale Price
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